This is the Beginning...

I'm not new at this, but I am new at this. A kid, from New York City, I never thought I would move to Seattle and stay there for 12 years and yet that is exactly what happened. It was an incredible ride with twists and turns I could have never anticipated. If that was a serendipitous experience then what am I to expect of the next chapter in my life?

I just drove across the Northwestern United States all the way to Wisconsin; Marshfield, WI to be exact. On January 3rd, when I received an unexpected call about Marshfield, I, in my heart began to feel like there may be something to this. Alas, after much prayer and visiting the town in March, I suddenly had the rug pulled from underneath me in Seattle and began the process of moving to Wisconsin. To be quite frank, I never thought I would be moving anywhere but back to New York. That being said, I was very happy in Seattle, and would have been fine staying there with all my friends that I have spent the past decade with. I would have never been satisfied with that; God has been tugging on my heart and preparing me for a change, I just didn't know what it would be.

Driving away from Philadelphia Church in Seattle was quite an emotional experience, and I am so thankful to have been there as long as I was, I am better for it. I am thankful for Pastor Derek & Krista, the elders, board and the many friends who have been there for me through the years.

I have never lived in the Midwest; I've frequently mentioned in jest that Seattle is the smallest city I have ever lived in; a true statement, until now that is. There will be lots of things that I need to learn and get acquainted with, and in time I will, hopefully.

Accepting the call to be the lead pastor at Redeemer Christian Church in Marshfield is something that has had me excited, a little terrified and filled with wonder. I know there will be challenges, good times and unexpected things; but I am thankful that Jesus is the head of the Church and I am following after Him and I will find everything I need in Him.

A good friend gave me this verse at my going away party and it has so resonated with me:

"Then he said to Him, “If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here." Exodus 33:15

I don't want to go anywhere where God isn't leading. Unless the presence of God goes with us, we dare not go. The unfurling of a new chapter, the new pin on my journey is here and I don't want to miss what God is saying or what He is doing. May we all live in awe and wonder of our Lord and Savior and stand firm until the end!

Dear Marshfield, I am so excited to be here. Let's run together into all God has for us!

Much Love,
Pastor Jeremy
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